Our brother officer Stephen ROACH, an officer with Cincinatti PD since 1997, was indicted on two misdomeaner charges for fatally shooting Timothy THOMAS last month. THOMAS wanted on fourteen (14) outstanding warrants, most of which were for traffic -- fled from the initial officer.

Officer ROACH, responded to assist his brother officer and found himself chasing THOMAS down an alley. During the heat of a pursuit, Officer ROACH perceived that THOMAS was reaching for a gun, and dropped him.

From what the Cincinnati FOP representative is saying, Officer ROACH did not know why THOMAS was being chased. He was just helping out his beat partner. For all Officer ROACH knew he was chasing a armed robber. Given the fact that the litmus test will be: "...what would a reasonable police officer have done...", I am predicting more riots following Officer ROACH's aquittal.

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